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Roaring Penguin CanIT Archiver

CanIt Archiver is an email archiving software solution that allows users to store messages safely. It is a cost-effective in-house arching solution and reduces e-mail related storage issues on the user’s mail server.

Roaring Penguin CanIt-PRO

CanIt-PRO is an email security software solution designed for businesses of all sizes to filter e-mail and block spam by configuring the system. The platform allows users to work with extensive end-user controls, allowing them to choose from a customizable list of spam filtering options.

Roaring Penguin CanIt-Domain-PRO

CanIt-Domain-PRO Anti Spam Filtering Software is for MSPs, ISPs, web hosts and universities. The platform is an email security solution designed for anyone who has to provide e-mail spam protection for multiple domains.

Roaring Penguin Hosted Canit

Hosted CanIt® automatically provides email security against spam, advertisements, fraud schemes, porn, viruses and phishing attempts. If it’s junk e-mail, the platform will stop it before it reaches the user’s mail server without needing to install any software or hardware.