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– SchoolDude PMDirect

SchoolDude PMDirect is preventive maintenance management software that helps you extend the life of your assets.

– SchoolDude PlanningDirect

SchoolDude PlanningDirect is school budget planning software that makes it easy to generate capital plans for maintenance, work orders, and inventory.

– SchoolDude Maintenance Solution

SchoolDude Maintenance Solution is work order management software that assists users in scheduling reactive and preventative maintenance. The platform allows users to track inventory usage, respond to critical system alarms and plan future capital needs. The vendor also offers CapitalForecastDirect, a fully integrateable application that assists with facilities forecasting.

– SchoolDude ITAMDirect

SchoolDude ITAMDirect enables you to manage, sort, and track all of your IT assets from a single system.

– SchoolDude IT Direct

SchoolDude IT Direct is IT help desk ticketing software designed for educational institutions.

– SchoolDude Community Use

SchoolDude Community Use is a facility scheduling calendar system that allows groups in your community to submit facility usage requests online.