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SchoolDude IT Direct Review

Product Snapshot


Pricing is based on your school type and size.


SchoolDude IT Direct is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

SchoolDude works with educational institutions of all sizes.

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About SchoolDude IT Direct

SchoolDude IT DirectSchoolDude IT Direct is IT help desk ticketing software designed for educational institutions. The product aims to reduce your time handling IT requests so you can spend more time in the classroom. As a result, using this product will save you approximately 30 minutes per case, lower the need for manual data entry, and reduce the number ticket requests by directing common questions to a knowledge base. From an administrative point, you can run reports on cases to identify staff and training needs.

About SchoolDude
SchoolDude is based out of North Carolina and was founded in 1999. Over 5,600 schools and universities use the company’s products to benefit over 15 million students. SchoolDude collectively aims to save schools over a billion dollars in IT, facility, and business operations expenses.

SchoolDude IT Direct Key Features

  • Web-based educational institution help desk and case ticketing system
  • Saves time by lowering manual data entry and streamlining case workflows
  • Automatically sends tickets to teams based on case types
  • Online knowledge base can solve common questions and issues
  • E-mail notifications for cases
  • Stores all cases in history
  • Can attach files and notes to case tickets
  • Identifies budget, staffing, and talent needs through reporting features

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