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Seedup Deskun Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

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Platform is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small to midsize companies and start ups across multiple industries.

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About Deskun

Seedup Deskun Deskun is help desk and task management software that works within Gmail to provide users with a ticket system designed to ehance Gmail and the G Suite interface. The platform is customizable to match company needs and workflows, and allows users to utilize folders and queues to organize customer requests and to separate requests by subject, sender or other filters.

The software enables users to attach relevant constraints to each request such as priority, deadline, assigned agent or team member responsible for request completion. Additionally, the platform provides users with ticket change visibility, shared mailboxes for support agents, and responsibility delegation and access rights tools.

About the Company

Deskun was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Deskun Key Features

  • Internal notes and auto-reply tools
  • Task management tools include subtasks and checklists
  • Supports mail tracking, send later, snooze and message templates within Gmail
  • Collision detection tools
  • Ticket history tracking and management


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  • Milo

    Great helpdesk for small businesses! I’ve started using it just to track outgoing mail, but then found out all the amazing features of deskun.

  • Matias Koehler

    We’ve migrated from another popular helpdesk and no regrets, really helpful software.

  • Melissa Stenberg

    We use Deskun both as a helpdesk and task manager, everything’s good so far.

  • Alexander Davydov

    Nice solution for organizing workflow in Gmail, it’s working perfectly smooth. I’s helped me a lot in my business.

  • Alexander Bryan

    Great helpdesk!! Easy and simple, great features. Highly recommended!

  • Sergey

    Very handy tool, I’m used to it a lot. We’ve built a helpdesk for online ticketing service with Deskun, no regrets.

  • Sharon

    I’d add to the review: Deskun has some great features for ticket management like ticket merge, split, etc. Really helpful tool.

  • Ira Vorobjeva

    I like it! Cool snooze and templates feature!

  • Sam Brookfield

    Helpful tool, hope they will make an iOS app though!