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– SciQuest Spend Radar

SciQuest Spend Radar is a spend management software solution that is designed for purchasing and accounting workers. The program goes over all spend data and identifies ways to earn and measure savings. Users can analyze spend data over user-defined time periods and customize the reports they receive.

– SciQuest Contract Director

SciQuest Contract Director (formerly UpsideContract) aims to save your company money by streamlining certain contract management processes. The program supports all types of contracts and stores them in a central repository.

– SciQuest Sourcing Director

SciQuest Sourcing & Contract Management streamlines your source bidding and contract management processes. The program’s Contract Director manages entire contract lifecycles by simplifying the creation process, monitoring parties to make sure they are holding their end of the deal and automatically sending approval requests to relevant parties during negotiation.

– SciQuest Accounts Payable Director

SciQuest Accounts Payable Director is an accounting system designed to wean your company off of using paper invoices. The program processes all invoice costs, creating fewer invoice errors and over payments for your company.

– SciQuest Supplies Manager

SciQuest Supplies Manager works with your current ERP system to display your inventory to your customers and maintain your reagents globally. From a single platform, you can manage all of your stockrooms and use an e-procurement tool for simplified purchasing.