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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at JAGGAER Accounts Payable.


– SciQuest Spend Radar Review

Product Snapshot


SciQuest Spend Radar is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

SciQuest works with enterprise and mid-sized customers.

Selected Customers

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About SciQuest Spend Radar

- SciQuest Spend Radar SciQuest Spend Radar is a spend management software solution that is designed for purchasing and accounting workers. The program goes over all spend data and identifies ways to earn and measure savings. Users can analyze spend data over user-defined time periods and customize the reports they receive. Each report fully cleans and organizes the spend data it covers and also guarantees complete accuracy. Users can easily share reports with suppliers, and the system can work with virtually any type of data object and source. Lastly, SciQuest Spend Radar automatically updates the spend data it works with at user-defined intervals to ensure consistency and accuracy.

About SciQuest
SciQuest was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in North Carolina. The company works with a variety of Fortune 1000 companies.

SciQuest Spend Radar Key Features

  • SaaS spend management software solution
  • Glances over all supplier and spend data to identify cost saving measures
  • Analyzes spend data across user-defined intervals
  • Cleans all spend data of errors and duplicate objects
  • Generates customizable reports
  • Works with almost any type of data source
  • Updates spend data over user-defined periods


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