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Sisense Product Highlights

From messy data to beautiful dashboards – Sisense gives you the simplest way to analyze and visualize complex data.

BI Success Beyond Data Visualization

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Sisense vs Alternatives

Register Now to Download this FREE Vendor Whitepaper Sisense simplifies business intelligence (BI) for organizations who struggle to make sense […]

Embedding Business Intelligence: OEM with Sisense

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5 Tips to a Successful Proof-Of-­Concept (POC) for Business Analytics Solutions

Buying Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions has changed dramatically in the past few years. Traditionally, vendors did not offers a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) stage during the buying process and when a vendor did offer one, it would often take months to set up and could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars to launch.


Sisense offers any sized business the chance to generate high-quality business intelligence without hardware-intensive applications, IT specialists, prior programming knowledge or prior BI experience.

Choosing the Right Technology for Your Business Analytics Project

Sisense delves into the architecture of analytics solutions to help businesses learn to recognize the key features of different technologies and select one that suits their needs best. This white paper touches on everything from data size, speed, and scalability to provide an overview of the most important considerations to keep in mind when selecting a business analytics technology.