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Sisense Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Four pricing tiers for 1-1000 users; discounts for nonprofit, academic, human rights, startup, and very small organizations


On-premise; publishable dashboards/reports for web-viewing

Customer Focus

Small to Global Enterprise, All Industries

Select Customers

NASDAQ, ESPN, Merck, NASA, Skullcandy

Customer Case Studies

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About Sisense

SisenseSisense offers any sized business the chance to generate high-quality business intelligence without hardware-intensive applications, IT specialists, prior programming knowledge or prior BI experience. Quick turn-around in just days—instead of the typical weeks and months—means maximized efficiency, faster, better-informed decision making, precision execution and surefire growth across the organization. Sisense’s drag-and-drop modeling, visualization and interactive reporting capabilities are complemented by single click data drilldown functions as well as rapid query and dashboard creation.

About the Company

Sisense is an award-winning, end-to-end Business Intelligence and Analytics solution that’s leading the way into a new era of BI. Our powerful software is radically changing the way business users make decisions, as it is the only BI tool that lets non-techies join multiple large data sets, build dashboards, and share with thousands of users.

Our secret sauce is the incredible technology behind Sisense that provides a centralized database on standard hardware and serves more queries, more users, and more data faster than any other BI solution on the market. The Wall Street Journal finds that, “Sisense is creating quite a stir in the world of BI,” and other news agencies describe Sisense as a “David in a sea of Goliaths” and a “nasty shock” for the big BI boys.

Like the Robin Hood of the BI world, Sisense brings data justice to everyone so it’s not just companies with deep pockets and endless resources that have the joy of understanding their data and making informed decisions. We do BI entirely different: we put data in the hands of everyone.


Sisense Key Features

  • Join disparate data into one centralized place
  • Drag & drop joining of multiple data sources
  • Create a single version of truth with perfect data
  • Build interactive dashboards with no tech skills
  • Uncover insights using beautiful, smart data visualizations
  • Query large amounts of data at record-breaking speed
  • Interact with web-based dashboards right from your mobile
  • Ask an unlimited amount of questions from any device including mobile and receive insights on-the-go
  • Share brilliant, interactive dashboards with colleagues to empower everyone with valuable insights
  • In-Chip technology processes 100x more data 10x faster than in-memory solutions


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White Papers and Demos

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Sisense vs Alternatives
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Embedding Business Intelligence: OEM with Sisense
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