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Snagajob PeopleMatter PEOPLElytics Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • Starter – $9.00 per unit per month
  • Starter Plus – $29.00 per unit per month
  • Standard – Contact vendor
  • Premium – Contact Vendor

PeopleMatter PEOPLElytics is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

PeopleMatter PEOPLElytics is built for service-industry companies that struggle with managing large workforces across multiple locations.

Select Customers

Texas Roadhouse, First Watch Restaurants, Wildflower Bread Company, Bay Street Biergarten

About PEOPLElytics

Snagajob PeopleMatter PEOPLElytics PeopleMatter PEOPLElytics is a business intelligence software solution that delivers analytic data on business workforces. The software analyzes efficiency in each division and individual metrics from managers to store performance. PEOPLElytics offers suggestions to help improve business performance by assigning and communicating the decisions to specific divisions.

The software reports company progress in real time through its mobile app to help you make fast decisions and keep users updated. Additionally, it shows analytics at every level of business across all locations and systems. It can also help assign jobs to the right employees to maximize the workforce and improve service.

About PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter was founded in 2009 and is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

PeopleMatter PEOPLElytics Key Features

  • Visual analytics via graphs and charts
  • Easy to read dashboards
  • Competitor and industry analysis
  • Free tablet app
  • Track targets and monitor progress
  • Solve pending issues with the “opportunity bubble”
  • Cross-location data analysis
  • Records history of completed goals
  • Recommends actions based on data results
  • Real-time communication tools
  • Drill into details
  • Delegate actions

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