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Slingshot Enterprise Financial Management

Slingshot Enterprise Financial Management provides accounting solutions for the four functions of accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, and fixed asset management. All monetary transactions handled by the program are processed in real-time, can be examined on a number of levels and are passed automatically between trade partners.

Slingshot Inventory and Warehouse Management

Slingshot Inventory and Warehouse Management is inventory and warehouse management software that enables users to manage and monitor inventory across multiple product types and warehouses. The platform is designed to manage both serialized and lot controlled items, allows users to add item descriptions such as potency percent or QA results, and supports multiple processing needs across all warehouse sizes.

Slingshot Supply Chain Planning

Slingshot Supply Chain Planning allows users to control supply chain and share supply chain information over the Internet. Using six pre-packaged algorithms and additional user-defined ones, the platform can help forecast product demands so that users can stay prepared.