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Software AG webMethods AgileApps Cloud

webMethods AgileApps Cloud is business process management software that assists in tracking and managing service requests, responding to incidents and resolving investigations. The platform allows users to create ad hoc task assigments and multi-step processes, send custom notifications and plan for escalations without programming requirements.

Software AG Adabas

Adabas is database management software designed to support high-volume transaction processes, shares data with business analytic systems. and facilitates continuous operations. The platform is built to be a reliable system and is equipped with failover protection measures, ensures all data remains secure both at rest and in motion, and ensures that all safeguarded data complies with all retention laws.

Software AG ARIS Architect & Designer

ARIS Architect & Designer is business intelligence and IT management software that enables users to create, analyze and administer the full enterprise model including business process strategies, information architectures, and application landscape and services. The platform enables users to understand and improve upon business processes through a user-friend UI that presents information through tabs and pictogram-style objects, as well as works to speed up modeling time through mini toolbars, fragments, and search capabilities.