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Software AG ARIS 9 Review

Product Snapshot


Software AG ARIS 9 is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Software AG works with enterprise and mid-size companies.

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Philips, Volvo, Chevron,, DB Netze

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About Software AG ARIS 9

Software AG ARIS 9 Software AG ARIS 9 is a collaboration software solution designed to help your company adapt to the changing workplace. The program can help you streamline your social media, big data, Cloud, and mobile processes. For instance, users can collaborate over social media, pull up data in an easily understandable format, modify the way their devices process content, and can publish content in the Cloud. Lastly, you can easily test your processes, generate visual analytics that detail performance, and establish business rules.

About Software AG
Software AG was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Germany. The company is publically traded and works with clients in over 70 countries.

Software AG ARIS 9 Key Features

  • On-premise process management software solution
  • Uses social media to foster collaboration for your teams
  • Assigns tasks to people who are best suited to handle them
  • Displays process data and performance via mobile device
  • Has tools for maintaining and analyzing big data
  • Uses a graphical editor to define processes on how to handle data inquiries
  • Helps reduce risk and enforce compliance
  • Establishes business rules and policies
  • Maintains all documents and files over the Cloud

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