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Niftysol NiftyISO Review

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Platform is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

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About NiftyISO

Niftysol NiftyISO NiftyISO is audit management software that enables companies to generate a new set of audit questions designed specifically to suit company-specific requirements, offers anytime, anywhere access to the audit system, is built to perform audits from remote locations through an offline audit app. The platform offers multiple data backup options, generates management reports for auditor performance, nonconformances, and audit process effectiveness, and is equipped with an audit scheduler tool that includes a calendar and the ability to schedule cyclic and periodic audits.

The software identifies and records any nonconformances at the time of the audit, categorizes nonconformances as either major or minor, and adds evidence for nonconformances that occur within the system in the form of pictures and PDF files, as well as offers the option of uploading audio or video as nonconformance evidence. Additionally, the platform allows users to create and save audit templates with customized questions for reuse, print reports as PDF or Word documents, and archive old audits for future reference.

About the Company

Niftysol was founded in 2012.


NiftyISO Key Features

  • Audit system with unlimited support
  • ISO 18001 audit software
  • Audit management software on cloud
  • Cloud management software
  • Mobile browser access as well as Native mobile apps for Android and iPhone


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