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Let’s Talk Tradeshift: Behind the Software with CEO Christian Lanng

According to Tradeshift CEO and co-founder, Christian Lanng, today’s business processes are broken because they’re bogged down by user-unfriendly software solutions that aren’t keeping up with the needs of a growing online economy. In addition to providing a completely free e-invoicing platform to suppliers, Tradeshift is going one step further and delivering a complete business network in the cloud.


As a platform for all your business interactions, Tradeshift helps companies run more efficiently, harnessing the power of their network […]

Tradeshift Connect

TradeShift Connect is financial management software that ensures users maintain complete visibility into all connected suppliers from a centralized system. The platform enables users to organize and control all supplier data, track compliance and manage risk, and delivers a holistic, real-time view of all suppliers and supplier status.