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VMware vCenter Operations Manager

vCenter Operations Manager is IT infrastructure monitoring software that utilizes application awareness to monitor, troubleshoot and plan system support. The platform assists users with understanding compliance risks, correlates changes to related issues and automatically populates machine groups within the interface for user access and visibility.

VMware AirWatch

AirWatch ensures that all mobile browsing done on company devices is safe and protected. The platform allows users to have an alternative to native mobile browsers, and the product guards against malware and security risks.

VMware Socialcast

Socialcast is enterprise social and project management software that centralizes collaborative project data and the individuals involved, as well as provides users with the means to engage employees, share project updates or new ideas, and receive and share real-time feedback. The platform enables users to manage documents, deadlines and deliverables, facilitates sharing and collaboration on any device, and supports any workflows already implemented by integrating with existing systems.

– VMware CETAS Instant Intelligence

VMware CETAS is a platform for organizations to extract actionable insights, discover new business opportunities, and make closed-loop decisions based on their data. The architecture is created in such a way that it offers high scalability and elasticity for performance on virtual machines.

VMware vCloud Suite

vCloud Suite is cloud management software that supports data center virtualization processes, intelligent operations, and IT automation. The platform consolidates servers and data centers, enables users to scale applications both up or down, and works as a foundation for multiple data center procedures and initiatives.