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Widen Collective

Widen Collective provides a Web-based access point to manage, collaborate, distribute and repurpose digital media and brand assets including images, logos, videos, documents, presentations and other marketing materials. The suite is an ideal fit for DAM Library Services, Photo and Video Archive, Basic Brand Management, Marketing Asset Production and Distribution, Catalog Production and Management and Short Form Video Production.

Demo: Widen Digital Asset Management – Media Collective Version 6.0

Check out the latest version of the Widen Media Collective version 6.0 — Digital Asset Management Software as a Service. The Widen Media Collective allows marketing organizations to centrally manage and organize all forms of digital media and brand assets in an easy-to-use, cloud-based system.

Company Intro: Welcome to Widen Enterprises. Get to know us!

Widen Enterprises helps marketers create, manage & distribute digital media. Check out the video featuring Widen CEO Matthew Gonnering along with Gary Norris, Jake Athey, Deanna Ballew & Craig Bollig.

Info Cartoon: Digital Asset Management Explained

Watch this short cartoon illustrated video about the benefits of Digital Asset Management to marketing organizations big and small.