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Widen Media Collective Review

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Widen Media Collective

Widen Media CollectiveWiden Media Collective provides a Web-based access point to manage, collaborate, distribute and repurpose digital media and brand assets including images, logos, videos, documents, presentations and other marketing materials. Widen Media Collective is an ideal fit for DAM Library Services, Photo and Video Archive, Basic Brand Management, Marketing Asset Production and Distribution, Catalog Production and Management and Short Form Video Production.

Some key benefits of digital asset management for creative workflows and marketing operations are: protecting your already costly investments in digital media and brand assets and getting more return from those investments; fostering brand consistency across all customer touch points; saving time fulfilling requests for photos, logos, presentations and marketing materials to improve employee productivity; tracking usage, managing rights and improving accountability of brand assets for greater brand control; and accelerating production timelines for catalogs and multi-channel marketing campaigns to be first to market and reduce costs.

About Widen
Widen was founded in 1948 as Widen Engraving. From the 1960s through the ’80s, Widen built its reputation around prepress services and colourgraphics. In the mid ’90s Widen began developing digital asset management tools, processes, workflows and expertise, until it launched the commercially available Widen Media Collective Web-based suite of applications for Digital Asset Management in the early 2000s. Today, Widen develops premedia services and digital asset management software leveraging the cloud to serve 130,000 users across 180 customers in 120 different countries.

Widen Media Collective Key Features

High Level Features
  • Global 24/7 Web-based access
  • Branded user interface (UI)
  • Intuitive features & functionality
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Scalable cloud-based service

User Access Features

  • Secure user login via username & password
  • Registration codes for automatic authentication
  • Flexible user access controls via Roles & Permissions

Searching Features

  • Keyword, category, recently added, most ordered, advanced search and Collections
  • Intelligent refine search features by category, file type or custom metadata filters
  • Search within search results
  • Simple sorting options by key dates, ordered count and custom metadata

Selection Features

  • Create & share personal Collections
  • Enable Global Collections for products, campaigns, promotions & events
  • Export PDF contact sheets
  • Alerts & Watched Assets menu

Ordering Features

  • Single and batch asset ordering to yourself and others via email with pickup link
  • On-the-fly file conversions for images
  • Instant asset downloads
  • Order approvals by admin

Web Publishing Features

  • Embed Codes for images, PDF, video & audio
  • Socialize to YouTube, Facebook & Twitter
  • Supported File Types

Convertible Formats

  • Images, Video, Audio, PDF and Open Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Non-convertible formats: ZIP, SIT, InDesign, Quark, TXT

Upload Features

  • Simple drag & drop uploads for Mac and PC
  • Upload wizard for on-the-fly asset routing and metadata pre-entry
  • Bulk ingest by firewire drive

Admin Features

  • Version control & conflicted assets handling
  • Batch metadata adding and editing
  • Unlimited custom metadata types for different assets
  • Embedded metadata support (EXIF, IPTC, XMP)
  • Controlled vocabulary support
  • Asset change history tracking
  • User and asset tracking & reporting

Support Features

  • Online support center
  • Phone, chat and email
  • Video training options
  • Administrative support
  • Marketing support
  • User community

Optional Add-Ons

  • Video & Audio previews & transcoding
  • Collaboration & approval tracking
  • Ad & brochure building
  • Single-Sign On user authentication
  • Integrations via Web Services (SOAP API)

Security Features

  • Integrations via Web Services (SOAP API)
  • 99.9+% uptime
  • Follow ISO 27001 information security standards
  • Control rights through release, expiration & metadata
  • Manage versions to maintain historical renditions
  • Enforce adherence to terms of use (EULA)

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