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Application Development White Papers and Demos

The Science of Running Effective User Acceptance Testing Cycles
White Paper provided by Zephyr

User Acceptance Test (UAT) programs have traditionally been areas of contention between IT and Business. IT teams get critical systems readied through development and testing, while Business teams verify that these systems meet their requirements. Fill out the form to get this whitepaper, which will outline a well-defined 5-Phase UAT process that assists with Planning, Coverage, Execution & Tracking, Reporting and ReUse.

Building Hyper-Productive Globally Distributed QA Teams
White Paper provided by Zephyr

As more and more companies turn to experienced testing companies to augment their testing, or create their own offshore presence, management is tasked with multiple challenges. The purpose of this whitepaper is to outline six key ingredients for overcoming the challenges of managing a globally distributed team: Geography, Culture, Communication, Leadership, Trust and Objectives.

Test Management Solution Buyer's Guide
White Paper provided by Zephyr

This Test Management Systems Buyer’s Guide is designed to help business decision makers quickly identify their enterprise’s testing needs, effectively communicate these needs to vendors, and successfully compare various product alternatives. To identify Test Management system needs, buyers must examine four crucial areas: vendor reliability, cost considerations, product requirements and IT requirements. This guide is structured around these areas.

DevSuite - Knowledge Centric Application LifeCycle Management
White Paper provided by TechExcel

While application development conjures up many thoughts, the fundamental core lies in the knowledge gained and used throughout the development process. In today's competitive software development environment, the silo-based models will no longer support the ever-changing demands of large distributed organizations.

Specification-Driven Development
White Paper provided by TechExcel

TechExcel DevSuite is built with the best-practice that specifications - from ideas, to formal specifications, to competitive information to issue resolution and customer insight - is central to any product development initiative. By eliminating the silos of data that exist between different teams and in different locales, specification-driven development helps enterprises dramatically transform their development processes, increasing both the efficiency and overall quality of their end products.

TechExcel DevTrack - It's the Right Time to Switch to DevTrack!
White Paper provided by TechExcel

With budget cut, resources maxed out, and deadlines quickly approaching, isn't it time to get more value from your issue tracking software? TechExcel DevTrack has a proven track record of enabling teams to do more with less!

Define, Hire, and Develop Your Next-Generation Project Managers
White Paper provided by Unknown

Next generation project mangers needs to have a sound understanding of project management best practices but also need to be successful team builders and experts in creating productive collaboration.