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Discrete Manufacturing White Papers and Demos

Solving Real Business Issues During the ERP Selection Process
White Paper provided by Sage

The search for the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider can be stressful, particularly when both the buyer and the vendor get stuck in the features or technical requirements and forget about the bigger picture—what the main business issues are that you actually trying to solve and whether this new investment will actually help you resolve these specific challenges.

How to Choose a Manufacturing System
White Paper provided by Sage

People need more than just product information; they also need other kinds of input to make sound accounting and manufacturing software decisions.

Golden Artist Colors Paints a Rosey Picture with Sage ERP X3 Process
Case Study provided by Sage

Read how Golden Artist Colors Paints gained new competitive advantages after implementing Sage ERP X3.

10 Reasons for Exact Globe
White Paper provided by Exact

For most businesses, 2009 presented economic challenges just about all of us simply hadn't seen before, and many companies made the very reasonable choice to limit spending to absolute essentials. But with early signs pointing toward recovery, the reasons to begin investing in your business again are coming back into focus.

Rise of Cloud ERP Solutions
White Paper provided by Unknown

As you take advantage of all that a new ERP solution can provide, companies can now also take advantage of all that the cloud can provide. Massive money and time savings, increased flexibility, increased security, and worldwide access are just a few reasons why cloud ERP solutions are sharply on the rise.

ERP Strategies - Single Instance ERP or Two-Tier Approach
White Paper provided by Unknown

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the more important upgrades ever in business software. It allowed companies to put their entire company under one umbrella, with one program that gave visibility to the entire organization.

Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid: Choosing the Right Combination for Your ERP System
White Paper provided by Sage

There is no getting around the fact that cloud services are catching on as a proven delivery model in business management applications, such as Enterprise Resouce Planning (ERP). Spanning small companies to large, IDC sees cloud services delivery significantly outpacing traditional software product delivery over the next five years, with private cloud growing nearly five times faster than the software market as a whole, becoming a significant growth driver in all functional software markets.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software: Taking the Plunge
White Paper provided by VAI

Successful companies are often filled with an excitement and energy that can fuel continued expansion. However, if a comprehensive system to manage the internal processes and procedures that serve as companies’ foundations are not in place, growth can become unwieldy.

ERP Checklist - Steps to Finding the Right ERP Software
White Paper provided by Unknown

No doubt the processes and systems that help you manage your business are constantly evolving and becoming more complex as you work to carve out your market niche. Some of your workflows are manual, some paper-based, some digital, some automated.

ERP Traceability Functions: Going Beyond the Hype
White Paper provided by Plex Systems Inc

Today's manufacturers are looking for ERP solutions that improve operations, cutcosts, and help improve product quality. These enterprises want to move "beyond the hype" and away from the empty promises of many ERP vendors in the marketplace.