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IVR White Papers and Demos

New World of Customer Expectations
White Paper provided by Five9

Companies need to provide customer service that surpasses the competition. They need to realign their culture and technology in order to drive the maximum value out of their investments (making employees more productive, and extending current capital expenditures to capture the highest value).

Embracing Change Head-On: The Advantages of Cloud-Based Contact Center Software Solutions
White Paper provided by Five9

We’ll examine the advantages of cloud-based contact center solutions, as well as the strategy of migrating from premises- to cloud-based contact center software solutions—why it makes sense for some organizations, what to consider, and how a few real-world migration efforts have fared.

Roadmap for Selecting a Contact Center Infrastructure Solution
White Paper provided by Five9

The time has come to acquire, replace or upgrade your contact center solution and supporting applications. It’s a buyer’s market, due to the maturation of cloud-based contact center infrastructure providers who have entered the market with competitive offerings. Take advantage of this opportunity by including both premise-based and cloud-based solutions in your contact center infrastructure selection process. While this may add some complexity to your financial and technical analysis, it greatly expands your options and improves your negotiating leverage.

Reinventing the Customer Service Experience to Capture Loyalty
White Paper provided by Five9

Proactive service that’s delivered through personalized interactions with agents can help differentiate companies, strengthen customer relationships, and drive compelling business benefits.

Executive Insight: Multi-Sourcing
White Paper provided by InContact

In response to this overwhelming demand to do more with less, one of the most common solutions to "cheaper" has been to cut labor costs through labor arbitrage or multi-sourcing.

How 3 Contact Centers Were Empowered to Succeed
White Paper provided by Unknown

For years, companies have talked about the importance of the customer and what it means for the organization; but without actions to support the words, such campaigns mean very little.

Top 5 Ways to Make IVR Work for You and Your Customers
White Paper provided by InContact

Unless you’ve been living in some remote location without a phone, you’ve interacted with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at one time or another. They are increasing in popularity as more and more companies are turning to self-service solutions to reduce costs and serve their customers better. But as you may have experienced yourself or with your own customers, there is a right way and a wrong way to use an IVR.