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From the CIO Perspective: What's Your Customer Service Agenda?
White Paper provided by KANA

The business-customer relationship is changing and these days, it’s customers who are calling the shots. No longer is the relationship a simple transactional one in which the business offers its goods and hopes the customer decides whether to buy or not.

The Knowledge Base of the Future: Cutting-Edge Ideas You Can Implement Now
White Paper provided by KANA

While we may still be waiting for flying cars and calorie-free ice cream, the future may be closer than you think when it comes to knowledge management. Here are a few progressive ideas you can implement now to start building the knowledge base of the future.

The Power of Customer Service Knowledge Management (CSKM)
White Paper provided by KANA

Organizations around the world face market pressures that make providing excellent customer service a necessity. The ability to quickly and accurately address customer issues is a prerequisite for ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

Six Best Practices for Agent Knowledge Management
White Paper provided by KANA

Implementing knowledge management in the contact center can have a profound effect on the quality and efficiency of your service operations. Customers benefit from interactions with more knowledgeable agents, who are empowered to resolve issues with greater speed, accuracy and consistency.

Customer Service Channel Trends Study
White Paper provided by KANA

When we first set out to research the state of the customer service market in 2012, we made sure to build a survey we could repeat each year to track changes in the evolving topics of customer service.

Building a Profitable Omni-Channel Customer Service Experience
White Paper provided by KANA

Customers demand an omni-channel customer service experience. They are no longer willing to settle for just one single channel. A service experience spanning phone, email, chat, Web, mobile, social media, in-store kiosks, IVR, SMS or in-store visits has become the expected norm.