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Professional Services Automation (PSA) White Papers and Demos

Professional Services Automation Drives Profit
White Paper provided by Happen Business

Professional services automation (PSA) is changing the way professional advisory firms run their business. For consulting agencies working in competitive markets, it can't come soon enough.

How Successful ERP Selections Are Made
White Paper provided by IQMS

When comparing ERP systems, functionality should be considered against the backdrop of the entire package - its technology and its vendor. Only by doing so can manufacturers ensure they make a right and lasting choice.

How to Assure ERP Success: Taking Ownership Delivers Results for Carsound
Case Study provided by IFS

More often than not, companies that implement an ERP system and have trouble achieving rapid return on investment (ROI) may labor under this misconception, or at the very least may underestimate their own role in successful implementation and operation of their new enterprise software environment.

Maximizing Performance and Profitability in Billable Services Organizations
White Paper provided by NetSuite

This NetSuite White Paper explores the business processes underpinning companies that derive their revenue from the provision of services - whether they are standalone service-providing businesses or parts of a larger organization. Key business processes discussed include accelerating sales, tracking projects, improving lead-to-cash and managing professional services accounting.

How to Run a More Profitable MPS Business
White Paper provided by Happen Business

One of the great drivers in terms of the value proposition for selling a Managed Print Services solution to your current customers is to promise to lower their total cost or printing.

How to Run Your SMB Like a Large Enterprise
White Paper provided by Happen Business

As your Small to Medium Business (SMB) takes on new staff, implements new processes and expands its operations, it’s important to have a robust business system that supports this kind of growth. If your goal is for your SMB to grow into a large enterprise, start running it like one.

Infor "ERP Plus" in Process Industries
White Paper provided by Infor

Aberdeen firmly believes an ERP implementation should never be viewed as "done", since business requirements and avaliable functionality continues to evolve.