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TC Facilities Management
Case Study provided by Workbooks

When Fiona Ellingham joined as Head of Marketing in 2014, she discovered a clear need for CRM. “Up until that point all calls to the helpdesk were recorded on a server database,” she recalls. “It could take up to five minutes to open a record, and was a clunky and slow process. It was also hard to extract insight from the data.”

The Exchange Lab
Case Study provided by Workbooks

The Exchange Lab use market leading technology and industry expertise to find the best inventory for clients buying online advertising space to run advertising campaigns. They are unique in being able to offer trading services across all ad exchanges and supply side platforms. The company also collates a wide range of statistics from the campaigns to optimise the results and ensure that their clients are reaching the right demographic.

The Scottish Motor Trade Association
Case Study provided by Workbooks

The Scottish Motor Trade Association (SMTA) is the only trade association that exists to support motor trade businesses in Scotland. Established in 1903, the association aims to encourage, promote and protect the interests of their members, providing them with a number of services, offers and commercial opportunities that support the development and sustainability of their businesses.

Index on Censorship
Case Study provided by Workbooks

Index on Censorship is a not-for-profit organisation that campaigns for freedom of expression around the world. The organisation was established in 1972 and started life as a magazine that published untold stories from behind the Iron Curtain.