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Marketing Advocate’s “Success in Six” Program: Your Blueprint for High-Performance Channel Success

Introducing Marketing Advocate’s “Success In 6” Program, your blueprint for high-performance channel success!

How To Create An Effective Marketing Dashboard

Marketing has reinvented itself as a fascinating hybrid of right and left-brain activities.Remember that gorgeous campaign championed by your graphic designer? Now, you have a means to evaluate it by something other than artistic merit. The mountains of data at your fingertips enable you to optimize and enhance your initiatives in ways never before possible. But with all this new information cascading onto marketers’ computers, the biggest challenge is figuring out how to consume data and translate it into better decision-making. How is this accomplished? The answer for an ever-increasing number of successful professionals is an effective marketing dashboard.

ManageFlitter Make-Over

A walkthrough of the new design & features of MangeFlitter

ManageFlitter Pro Video Walkthrough

A brief walkthrough of all the features in ManageFlitter Pro

ManageFlitter Pro Upgrades

James walks through the most recent upgrades to the Pro version of ManageFlitter with a sneak peak at the upcoming analytics feature.

Advanced Searching & Reporting Overview

General overview of the capabilities available in Mothernode CRM for performance searches & reporting.

Getting More from Your CRM: Thoughts from Mothernode Users

Recording of Live Google+ Hangout with Mothernode CRM.

Mothernode CRM Quote Overview

General overview of Mothernode’s quoting abilities.

Leads and Opportunities in Mothernode CRM

Discover how to track Leads and Opportunities in Mothernode CRM.

Eloqua10 Watch the Inside Story

Eloqua10 is the result of meticulous research into how our customers think about both the art and science of marketing.