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How to Provide Remote IT Support and Monitoring

GoToManage allows you to provide cross-platform support from your desktop or iPad.

Provide Remote IT Support from Almost Anywhere

GoToManage is a full-featured alternative to traditional virtual networking solutions.

GoToManage for iPad

Citrix GoToManage now offers iPad support.

Easy-To-Use Remote Support and Monitoring

GoToManage enables IT professionals to provide remote support for end users.

What to Look for When Choosing Remote Support Software

What sets the leading remote support software packages apart from the rest? Deeper capabilities and a broader range of features. Read on to learn what to look for when purchasing remote support software.

GoToAssist Express Beta Customer Testimonials

GoToAssist Express customer testimonials.

GoToAssist Demo

GoToAssist is just like GoToMeeting but this version is MUCH better.

Computer Tech Support with GoToAssist Express

Watch this video and learn how to use Citrix GoToAssist for computer tech support.

Why You Need Remote Support Software

Companies that use remote support software have realized tremendous value. This article highlights some of the key advantages that can be achieved with a remote support software package.

How Remote Support Software Makes IT Staff More Productive

Most companies today are experiencing a shortage of IT resources. That’s why many of them are turning to remote support software solutions to boost the productivity of IT staff. Read on to learn how remote support software can make IT teams more efficient.