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How Remote Support Software Makes IT Staff More Productive

Companies Increase Their IT Department’s Efficiency with Remote Support Software

In an age of shrinking corporate budgets, the motto of many companies today is “do more with less”. And nowhere is this truer than in IT departments. This is why organizations of all sizes, across all industries, are turning to remote support software solutions to make their IT operations more efficient and productive.

IT resources are expensive and scarce. As a result, most technical professionals are overworked, as they try to juggle the responsibility of supporting end users and existing systems, with the planning, evaluation, implementation, and roll out of new technology solutions. But, with a remote support software solution in place, they can significantly reduce the amount of time they spend troubleshooting, repairing, upgrading, and maintaining components within the company’s current infrastructure, so they can devote more effort to strategic corporate technology initiatives.

How does a remote support software package make IT staff more productive?

Accelerated Information Gathering and Fact Finding
An employee or a customer calls into a help desk with a problem. In order to ensure accurate diagnosis and swift resolution, the technician must gather certain information, such as the configuration of the caller’s PC or what error messages they have been receiving. Yet, obtaining this information, particularly from a user who is not technically-savvy, can be time consuming and error-prone.

With remote support software, an IT professional can quickly take control over a user’s desktop. So, they eliminate the risk of the kind of miscommunication that can delay the detection and correction of system issues. Remote support software allows IT staff to navigate through various screens, so they can see, first hand, which features aren’t working properly. They can also view the results of certain actions, and collect the information they need to make the swiftest, most precise diagnosis possible.

Faster Problem Resolution
Once an issue has been identified, a remote support software package makes it easy for IT staff to correct the problem. Patches, bug fixes, and other files can be rapidly downloaded and installed, or other action can be immediately taken to make any needed repairs – directly from the IT professional’s own PC. This helps improve responsiveness to end user needs by enabling the technician to quickly close out the issue in progress, and move onto the next open job ticket in the pipeline.

Minimized Travel
Companies that operate multiple branch offices and/or data centers often require their IT staff to travel frequently to administer, upgrade, or replace the numerous technology assets that reside in various locations. The time spent flying or driving from site to site is wasted, preventing IT professionals from working on other important projects, making them unavailable to help end users, and distracting them from their other responsibilities. Remote support software eliminates the need for IT staff to visit other branches or company facilities, allowing them to perform their work without ever leaving the office.