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Gareth Cartman

Marketing Manager, Clever Little Design
Business blogger with interest in CRM, IT, Marketing and HR.

Gareth Cartman is a business blogger with a particular interest in marketing, CRM, IT and human resources. With several years' experience managing acquisition and digital marketing for HR outsourcing, Gareth knows how to deliver value and success.

Nov 12, 2014
Gareth Cartman wrote this post:
3 Outdated CRM Features That Will Die Out Soon

CRM evolves continues to evolve, and as with any form of evolution, there are things we don't need - aspects ofCRM systems that have simply fallen by the wayside. Let's look at three outdated CRM features that are on their way out - simply because we just don't need them any more - and what the reason is for their demise.

Apr 15, 2014
Gareth Cartman wrote this post:
Dynamics CRM Upgrades to Social Listening: Why Microsoft Needed Netbreeze

Twelve months ago, Microsoft acquired Netbreeze, a Swiss social media monitoring and analytics company offering solutions that allow businesses to "listen" to what’s being said about them, their products and their brands. How will this new addition to Microsoft enhance the company's offerings? Read on to find out.

Dec 9, 2013
Gareth Cartman wrote this post:
How Cloud Payroll Is Safer Than Flying

For every benefit associated with the cloud there's also a perceived risk--mostly about security and losing control of one's data. In this piece Gareth Cartman dispels some of the phobias associated with something as sensitive as cloud payroll.

Jun 2, 2013
Gareth Cartman wrote this post:
Building the Business Case for CRM

You know you need it. Your colleagues know you need it. But you still need to convince those who hold the purse strings and make the final decisions. Building a business case for ERP, CRM, or indeed any internal system requires a thorough knowledge of business challenges, growth strategy, its culture, and its people.

Jan 20, 2013
Gareth Cartman wrote this post:
Switching CRM Systems? 5 Tips to Make the Transition Easy

There are many valid business cases for switching CRM systems, some internal, and some provided by the CRM suppliers themselves. Whether your business is in a phase of significant growth or seeking a change in direction, here are 5 tips on how to make the transition to a new and improved CRM solution easier for your company.

Oct 8, 2012
Gareth Cartman wrote this post:
Preparing Your Business For CRM

When businesses invest in CRM for the first time, or seek to upgrade to a more powerful software package, many believe that expenditure is the biggest hurdle to success. It isn’t. It’s the implementation, and the preparation for that implementation, that can make or break CRM success.

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