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How Cloud Payroll Is Safer Than Flying

How Cloud Payroll Is Safer Than Flying

Fears. We’ve all got them. Some are small and don’t impact our lives much on a day to day basis, others are irrational and mean we go out of our way to avoid situations so that we don’t have to confront them.

Whatever your fear – spiders, flying, heights, social situations – the actual fear itself is usually amplified by the unknown. It’s the fact that we’re uncomfortable with the subject or the circumstance and since we’ve done our best to side step these obstacles throughout our lives, we’ve no real tolerance of them meaning their power over us is overwhelming.

But every single one of us – whatever our fear–however big or small, can address it and ultimately win the battle.

But what if your fear affects people other than just you? What if it relates to your company and ties in with a wider fear of worst-case scenarios such as failure or bankruptcy?

A fear of security in your business from lost data is common, especially with new technologies such as the Cloud emerging. But why fear the cloud when security controls are sturdier and safer than ever.

Why Cloud Payroll Crashes are Far Less Frequent than Plane Crashes

In the 2000s, there were 54 fatal plane crashes caused by pilot error and a further 24, which were caused by mechanical failure. If you compare that to the number of times the Cloud has crashed, it’s easy to see why trusting the Cloud should not be an irrational fear.

The thing is, the cloud actually can’t “crash.” While certain sites or servers could be closed down, it would be practically impossible for the Cloud as a whole to crash.

Rik Ferguson from Internet security company Trend Micro comments:

“The cloud, much like the Internet, is not one single system reliant on one single connection. For the whole Cloud to disappear is pretty much inconceivable.”

The only real danger if is there was physical damage done to the hardware. For example, if there was a flood at a computer centre, data stored there could potentially be destroyed.

Yet Ferguson states that reputable companies have their own safeguarding practices in place should something like that occur:

“Any large enterprise has their own backup plans which are designed to cope with a flood, earthquake or natural disaster”

How Payroll is Safer Than Ever on the Cloud

The Cloud, to some, might just be the latest buzzword. But not only is it becoming an integral part of our day to day personal and working lives, it’s changing the way we communicate with colleagues and business associates and helping us to manage processes in smarter, more secure ways.

The HR industry is leaning towards Cloud-based payroll solutions. Although there are still some companies who are wary of embracing the technology. Let’s look at two common fears and how they can be addressed:

1. Is it expensive?
Many Cloud-based payroll software solutions offer the ability to ‘try before you buy’ by offering free or discounted trials. The technology itself is also beneficial for its efficiency – rather than buying a costly package with applications you won’t need, you only pay for the parts of the system you actually use

2. Is it secure?
This is another frequent concern but if we consider that the HMRC have recently transferred the nation’s data and payroll processes to Cloud systems, we should be feeling reassured not cautious. Google and Amazon also have a lot to lose with their iconic status should the Cloud fail them…

Remember also, that many reputable Cloud solutions employ physical, operational and digital security measures to ensure safety and security.

3. Is my organisation too small for the Cloud?
The great thing about the Cloud is that it’s an even, balanced playing field. It’s accessible to all businesses of all sizes; literally anyone can take advantage of the technology meaning SMEs are not missing out due to cost structures

Confront Your Fear, Embrace the Cloud

In conclusion, payroll processes are ultimately safeguarded and more productive when morphed with Cloud computing. There is greater security – the data is stored in remote server farms, which hold some of the most aggressive and thorough security systems in existence.

There is also greater control and flexibility as in-house teams can access data whenever, wherever and edit necessary information with ease and speed.

Upgrades are carried out remotely and users needn’t host software locally meaning the IT team is freed to carry out other tasks.

Plus Cloud-based payroll solutions set us up for future-proof processes. As time moves forward, payroll is only going to develop further and won’t ever rewind back to the clunky, unreliable methods of the past.

The sooner we embrace the Cloud, the more streamlined and intuitive our businesses will ultimately become.

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Gareth Cartman

Marketing Manager, Clever Little Design
Business blogger with interest in CRM, IT, Marketing and HR.
Gareth Cartman is a business blogger with a particular interest in marketing, CRM, IT and human resources. With several years' experience managing acquisition and digital marketing for HR outsourcing, Gareth knows how to deliver value and success.