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– 3CX Phone System Review

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3CX Phone System

- 3CX Phone System 3CX Phone System is a web conferencing and VoIP software solution that is a complete phone management software solution designed to replace your current VoIP and phone line setups. The program serves as a communications platform from where you can route and queue your calls, manage e-mails or voicemails as well as install an unlimited number of extensions and phone lines. You can also integrate the system with Outlook, Skype, IP phones, and VoIP gateways to streamline your communications. Ultimately, 3CX Phone System will help you save costs and make your communication infrastructure more mobile.

About the Company
3CX was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Cyprus. 3CX also provides a SaaS 3CX Mobile Device Managment platform.

3CX Phone System Features

  • On-premise phone management software solution
  • Designed to replace your entire phone setup
  • Supports call switching, routing and queuing
  • Unlimited lines and extensions
  • Integrates with other phone and VoIP software solutions
  • Reduces your office costs
  • Works with standard SIP phones

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