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5000fish Yurbi Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Contact the vendor directly for pricing information.


Platform is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with businesses of all sizes in the government, media, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

Select Customers

NASA, New York Life, Main Life Health.


About Yurbi

5000fish Yurbi Yurbi is business intelligence software that provides users with a centralized data repository and can pull data from multiple sources. The software is equipped with filtering tools to control date ranges, customer names and any other configurable values.

The platform allows users to generate analytic reports, access a self-service library and accessible via mobile devices. Additionally, the software can display real-time metrics in a presentation setting, allows users to configure the interface to suit company-specific needs and enables users to pass data to external applications through hyperlinks.

About the Company

5000fish was founded in 2009 and headquartered in Henderson, Nevada.


Yurbi Key Features

  • Scheduling tools
  • Internal and external collaboration and sharing capabilities
  • Report and data hardcopy printing capabilities
  • Data consolidation and specification settings
  • Drag-and-drop dashboard customization capabilities
  • Multi-level security features
  • Role-based data access settings
  • Data governance controls
  • Audit log of security, reporting and user management events


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