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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at Accellos One 3PL.


– Accellos One Transport Review

Product Snapshot


Accellos One Transport is available as a cloud-based transportation management system, or on-premise for Windows or Linux/Unix.

Customer Focus

Accellos One Transport is designed for small and mediumsize businesses in distribution, manufacturing, retail, third-party logistics, and transportation.

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About Product

- Accellos One Transport
Accellos One Transport provides all the tools needed for every phase of the transportation process. The solution enables businesses to automate many of the processes needed to optimize operations and increase the reliability of delivery. Accellos One Transport provides real-time analytics and calculations to help you determine different transporting models to lower your overall costs and to improve the efficiency of your tracking and invoicing of drivers.

About Accellos
Founded in 2006, Accellos has become a worldwide provider of supply chain solutions. Boasting a team that has over 60 years of experience in the supply chain market, Accellos seeks to become the top choice among supply chain solutions. Accellos solutions leverage integrations to many leading ERP systems including the complete Microsoft Dynamics suite, SAP Business One, Sage AccPac, Sage MAS 500/200/90, and more.

Product Key Features

TL Carriers
  • Optimize productivity, unit utilization, and routing
  • Display real-time views of costs, revenues, and profits
  • Maintain safety and compliance records
  • Maintain backhaul bids and revenues
  • Maintain driver settlements, customer billings, and collections

LTL Carriers

  • Automate order entry from multiple sources
  • Automate consolidated shipments
  • Route loads to reduce miles and fuel consumption
  • Manage shipment tracking and query submissions
  • Automate invoicing
  • Manage leg-specific charges for drivers


  • Enter and receive orders electronically via the web and EDI
  • Match customer requirements to carrier specialties
  • Load consolidation planning
  • Manage carrier prioritization
  • Manager automatic load tender
  • Accept/reject and update progress of loads through online portal
  • Perform load monitoring en route
  • Manage contract settlements


  • Automate rates and charges
  • Integrate transportation and warehouse
  • Build and assemble cost-effective loads
  • Optimize trailer utilization, fuel costs, driver payments
  • Find least costly options

Multi-Modal and Drayage

  • Automate rules-based routing
  • Manage end-to-end costing
  • Manage individual leg costing
  • Manage alternative load builds and routings
  • Manage automatic dispatch and container tracking
  • Manage container routing by mode/leg
  • Automate invoice issuing and calculations
  • Optimize empty container placement
  • Perform drayage scheduling
  • Manage pick-ups and deliveries
  • Display end-to-end and per-leg views of costs, revenues and profitability
  • Maintain customs and compliance records



Accellos One Transport is a solid transportation management software solution that can help your organization streamline planning, execution, and reporting for LTL and TL transportation carriers, brokers, and shippers. Accellos is optimized for smaller organizations in need of transportation management software. Its ability to easily integrate with popular ERP products makes it possible to easily scale the solution as one’s needs grow.

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