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– Accolade Idea Lab Review

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Product is built around Microsoft Office technology.

Customer Focus

Vendor is focused on working with Global 1000 manufacturers and service providers across the globe.

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About Accolade Idea Lab

- Accolade Idea Lab Accolade Idea Lab provides consistent sustainable methods for creating and executing product development ideas by aligning activities with your company’s market, technology and growth strategies. Accolade Idea Lab gives you the right tools for all-in-one support for strategic roadmapping, idea development, and innovation process execution. Accolade Idea Lab is a product of Sopheon, a US-based international provider of product lifecycle management and product portfolio management software. Sopheon’s products help organizations improve the business impact of product innovation through innovation management.

Accolade Idea Lab Key Features

  • Establish methods
  • Enrich portfolios
  • Align ideation with marketing
  • Reduce time
  • Convert small ideas into break-through
  • Road mapping
  • Idea development
  • Innovation process
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