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– Sopheon Accolade Vision Strategist Review

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Product is built around Microsoft Office technology.

Customer Focus

Vendor is focused on working with Global 1000 manufacturers and service providers across the globe.

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Starwood, Covestro, Glatfelter, Nuvoton, Cytec

About Accolade Vision Strategist

- Sopheon Accolade Vision Strategist Accolade Vision Strategist is product lifecycle management software that provides your company with an efficient way to build and automate market, technology and product planning processes. The platform also provides a view of calculated initiatives as well as the internal and external progresses that are projected to impact your company overtime. Accolade Vision Strategist comes with product roadmapping software that generates visuals that enable your company to identify strategic gaps and zero in on the long- and short-term implications of investment options. Accolade Vision Strategist is a product of Sopheon, a US-based international provider of product lifecycle management and product portfolio management software. Sopheon’s products help organizations improve the business impact of product innovation through innovation management.

Accolade Vision Strategist Key Features

  • Provides Companies With Strategic Planning Processes
  • Equipped With Product Roadmapping Processes
  • Supports Long-term Needs
  • Supports Short-term Needs
  • Forecasting Capabilities
  • Enables Users To Share Product Roadmapping Documentation
  • Supports Open innovation
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