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Actian X Review

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Platform is an on-premise solution.

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About Actian X

Actian X Actian X is relational database management software designed to reduce IT costs and configuration overhead, internalize customer applications and provide accessible big data analytics with Windows functions. The platform allows users to incorporate spatial data alongside transactional data, provides query parallelization and 12 new SQL functions.

The software supports Safe Software’s FME, GeoTools Library and GeoServer. Additionally, the platform allows users to integrate with available platforms Enterprise Access, which allows a single application to run against multiple databases without specific syntax or datatypes, and EDBC, which provides real-time performance read and write connectivity to z/OS databases.

About the Company

Actian was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.


Actian X Key Features

  • 50 geospatial data types
  • System support including lifecycle updates, supported platforms and service desk
  • Remote GCA capabilities
  • UTF-8 transliteration
  • DBMS level authentication
  • IPv4 and IPv6 data types and functions
  • Window function syntax
  • Data sharing tools
  • Software health check functionalities
  • Supported databases include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBMDB2 UDB


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