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AdvancedMD Practice Management Review

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About AdvancedMD Practice Management

AdvancedMD Practice Management The AdvancedMD practice management system offers robust workflow processes and a streamlined user interface simple enough for any staff member to use. This comprehensive practice management solution includes intuitive appointment scheduling, streamlined check-in processes, online charge capture, and automated eligibility verification. Since AdvancedPM is a web-based solution, users never have to worry about upgrades or costly hardware. Updates are automatic and free of charge enabling users to focus on patient care, not IT.

About the Company

AdvancedMD delivers integrated workflow and personalized service to ensure the health of every practice and their patients.

An integrated suite of cloud solutions includes practice management/medical billing, electronic health records, telemedicine, patient experience, business analytics reporting, and physician performance benchmarking all backed by expert practice advocates.

AdvancedMD also offers full-service revenue cycle management and serves an expansive national footprint of more than 22,500 practitioners across 8,000 practices and 600 medical billing companies.


AdvancedMD Practice Management Key Features

Patient Check-In

  • View and confirm patient information with just a click
  • Make updates or add notes in the same screen, then click again to complete check-in
  • The full check-in process takes less than a minute

Insurance Verification

  • The eEligibility features automatically verifies patient insurance coverage prior to each appointment
  • Complete on-demand insurance verification checks as needed
  • Patient files are automatically updated with the most recent information each time insurance coverage is checked

Copay Collection

  • Auto-calculate copays based on insurance fee schedules
  • Integrated OpenEdge payment processing helps front office staff quickly collect copays and outstanding balances
  • One click is all it takes to post payments to patient accounts

Charge Entry

  • Use the online charge slips to post procedure, diagnosis or modifier codes
  • Set alerts for codes that require follow-up care
  • Enter charges via Apple iOS device on the AdvancedMobileDoc app

Patient Check-out

  • An intuitive interface lets front office staff check in patients in less than a minute
  • Scheduling integration for easier appointment recall
  • Complete all check-out functions in the same screen

Appointment Scheduling

  • Customize the scheduling system for multiple physicians, block times, locations, or appointment types.
  • Create a series of frequently scheduled and repeating appointments.

Recall Visit

  • Increase staff productivity and more patients seen.
  • Accurately track patient visits and ensure scheduled follow-up compliance.
  • Pre-define default recall appointments based on procedures.
  • Set a recall visit at the point of care.
  • Reduce manual processes and lost follow-up visits.

Online Charge Slips and Charge Slip Templates

  • Online charge slips can be easily customized to a practice’s needs, workflows, and specialty
  • Create customized codes for supplementary products and services
  • Eliminate misplaced charge slips by using online slips
  • Automatically transmit charges to in-house or outsourced billing system

Charge Review

  • Charges are available for review as soon as they are submitted by the provider
  • Review and approve charges before submission and make edits directly in the review screen

Online Codes

  • Access a comprehensive, searchable library of the four major medical code types
  • Search codes electronically by CPT and descriptions or by keywords, and then view the code details to ensure location of the correct descriptor
  • Free automatic code updates help users submit claims correctly the first time

Patient Check-out Screen

  • An intuitive interface lets front office staff check in patients in less than a minute
  • Complete all check-out functions in the same screen

A/R Collections and Reports

  • Assign collection worklists to billing specialists based on criteria such as specific skills or familiarity with certain payers
  • Use the automated collection worklists to divide and prioritize the workload among medical staff and increase productivity
  • Set the worklists to prioritize delinquent accounts receivable so users can capture more revenue and increase overall profitability

Denial Tracking

  • See standard ANSI payment and denial reasons in a visual display, giving users an easy way to view, manage, and follow up on rejected claims

Performance Dashboard

  • See daily, at-a-glance updates of financial health and trends
  • View revenue trends by practice location, provider or payer

Soft Collection Letters

  • Use templates to quickly create collection letters for the appropriate phase of the collection cycle
  • Each medical collection letter can be previewed in an editing screen and modified as necessary
  • Track each action and response within software system to ensure that proper follow-up and timely progressive action is taken

ClaimsInspector, Claims Center and eRemittance

  • ClaimsInspector ensures that procedures are captured correctly and claims are error-free before submitting for payment, resulting in an almost-100% first-pass claim acceptance rate
  • An integrated clearinghouse helps users submit claims to hundreds of payers quickly and easily
  • Resolve rejections, denials, or errors with just a few clicks, and track insurance reimbursement through final posting
  • Carrier ERAs are automatically uploaded into the eRemittance center and matched with corresponding medical visits and charges

OpenEdge Payment Processing

  • Integrated payment processing helps users get paid faster and saves money on third-party processing
  • Payment collection is fast and easy: swipe the credit card and post the payment with a single click

Daily Statement Batches and eStatements

  • Generate daily statements for patient visits rather than waiting for a weekly or monthly batch
  • Automate the entire patient billing statement process to save time and increase staff productivity

Medical Coding

  • Fast search and simple coding management system.
  • Integrated lookup screens let you search codes electronically by code or description
  • Detailed coding descriptions help verify that you’ve selected the proper codes
  • Save and store your most frequently-used medical codes so your coding pick lists stay short and manageable
  • Automatic coding updates to each code group annually at no extra charge
  • Includes a Claim Inspector™ that checks your claims against industry guidelines, such as LCD, NCD, CCI, HIPAA, LMRP edits and payer specific requirements
  • Uses proprietary logic to help ensure your claims are error-free prior to submission
  • Helps reduce denials, resubmits, and costly rework to improve overall revenue capture

CPT Codes

  • Electronic look-up screens let you intuitively search by keywords or CPT codes and descriptions
  • Associated detail screens help ensure you’ve selected the appropriate codes
  • Frequently used medical codes can be saved and reused in short, easily managed pick lists
  • Making coding changes and edits prior to claims submission is simplified through an integrated review screen
  • Review all codes and descriptors related to a particular diagnosis or procedure from a simple drop-down pick list and insert a different code if desired

Rules Compliance

  • Rules updates are automatic and free.
  • AdvancedMD offers training and educational materials to assist users in keeping practices on top of the latest changes


  • Extensive medical practice management reporting capabilities
  • Sample medical reporting software categories
  • Customized ODBC-based reporting for unlimited data control


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