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AHG QR Inventory Review

Product Snapshot


AHG QR Inventory is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

AHG works with small to mid-sized businesses.

About AHG QR Inventory

AHG QR Inventory AHG QR Inventory is lightweight yet powerful inventory management system for small businesses that uses QR codes and mobile technology to streamline inventory management processes. Using QR Inventory, users can check reports on inventory usage, identify trends and break down inventory by trackable fields.

Instead of investing in proprietary hardware scanners, QR Inventory allows users to manage inventory with smartphones to efficiently check in, check out and look up inventory by scanning QR codes or regular UPC barcodes. With QR Inventory, users can access real-time inventory status, locations and other details from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Administrators can easily set reorder points and receive low inventory alerts to make sure the company never runs out of inventory.

About AHG, Inc.
AHG develops web and mobile applications that are engaging, interactive and add to your bottom line. They specialize in mobile application for Android and iOS, which are integrated with back-end and internal software systems in the areas of ecommerce, knowledge management and enterprise collaboration.

AHG QR Inventory Key Features

  • Use smartphones as scanners to track, record and look up inventory without proprietary hardware
  • Use QR Codes or regular UPC barcodes to track inventory
  • Define what inventory properties you want to track
  • Check real-time inventory status from anywhere, using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer
  • Set up reorder points and receive low inventory alerts
  • Reports on inventory usage and trends
  • Integrate with your internal systems and software

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