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– Amdocs Spares Inventory Manager Review

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Amdocs works with enterprise companies primarily in the fields of telecommunications.

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Amdocs Spares Inventory Manager

- Amdocs Spares Inventory Manager Amdocs Spares Inventory Manager helps you optimize your inventory by keeping your excess low and making your purchasing decisions smarter. This product analyzes inventory trends, such as part usage and demand, to show which parts you should have in-stock and just how many you need. When you need to do the actual purchasing, you can use this program to manage POs and track orders. Additionally, you can setup multiple inventory locations and direct part allotments for each one.

About Amdocs
For 30 years, Amdocs has served communications service providers by helping them innovate, providing customer service solutions, and improving their infrastructure. Amdocs’ product portfolio includes services in CRM, revenue management, network control, advertising, and more. The company has won numerous awards, including the 2012 Telecom BSS Vendor of the Year Award, the INFOCOM CMAI National Telecom Award 2010, and more. In 2012, Amdoc’s fiscal revenue went over $3.2 billion.

Amdocs Spares Inventory Manager Features

  • Reduces inventory excess and facilitates smart purchasing
  • Uses part demand data to calculate which items you should have stocked
  • Handles purchasing and order statuses
  • Can manage multiple inventory locations
  • Directs part lots between inventory locations
  • Works with most finance and manufacturing systems

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