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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at AmeriCommerce.


– AmeriCart Shopping Cart Review

Product Snapshot


Configure AmeriCart online with your browser without relying on java, javascript, or plug-ins, thus maximizing catalog compatibility.

Customer Focus

AmeriCart is used by companies of all sizes.

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Breeze Chasers, Earth Sun Moon, Ink Pixi.

About AmeriCart Shopping Cart

- AmeriCart Shopping CartAmeriCart’s shopping cart solution is a straightforward processing system for eCommerce companies. AmeriCart ecommerce software is designed to automatically calculate shipping costs and applicable taxes. It will enable you to easily create coupons and promotional codes for your customers in minutes. With AmeriCart, online stores can benefit from being able to employ limitless transactions, while being able to accept multiple pay methods for a low flat rate. Database and Product Search Engine support are included at no extra cost.

About AmeriCart LLC
AmeriCart is a shopping cart software vendor that offers a secure online store solution and add-to-cart buttons that allow you to sell products directly from your website. AmeriCart currently supports thousands of merchants selling countless products across nearly every shopping vertical, including many businesses that use AmeriCart as a payment processor for their services.

Product Key Features

Easy Setup & Configuration
  • Configure your AmeriCart online with your browser, adapt sample demo pages to your own product.
  • Doesn’t need CGI capability on your server. If you can have images and text, you can use AmeriCart.
  • Doesn’t rely on java, javascript, or plug-ins, thus maximizing your catalog compatibility.
  • Product Search Engine requires no CGI on your website.
  • Varied and attractive color schemes to match your site and your logo shown on the cart display.
  • Checkout Form designer tool to design your own order forms if the system forms don’t suffice.
  • Database Support for when your site grows to the point where you need to generate html pages out of your database or spreadsheet.

Robust Security

  • Secure Socket Layer encryption for sensitive credit card information.
  • Orders are sent securely to the email address of your choice.
  • Supports secure single-page Express Ordering.
  • Verifies Credit Card Numbers to assure validity.
  • The AmeriCart servers are tested daily by McAfee for security vulnerabilities. AmeriCart displays the McAfee Secure logo on your cart.

Simple & Effective User Interface

  • Eliminates customer confusion with its clean, intuitive interface.
  • A total of quantities and prices is kept at all times.
  • Displays a summary of the shopping cart contents when an item is added to the cart.
  • A “clear shopping cart” button for starting over.
  • Support for upselling or impulse buying, suggesting a related product to complement the item to be purchased.
  • Issues unique order numbers to you and the shopper to match them up with their order for inquiries.
  • Allows customers to change the quantity of items in their cart or remove them altogether.
  • Always provides a link back to the last html page where the customer was shopping.
  • The cart display features a “view” button which shoppers can click to easily see an image of what they’ve placed in the cart.
  • Varied and attractive color schemes to match your site and your logo shown on the cart display.

Pricing & Payment Functionality

  • Powerful discount system for all your quantity-based discounts and sale needs. Multiple breakpoints, selectable by part number or range of part numbers. Discount by percent or flat amount.
  • Support for height, width, size, color, material, etc. including whether or not the options add or subtract from the item cost.
  • Support for various currencies, units of measure, etc.
  • Wide choice of ordering and payment methods for you to offer your customers.
  • Verifies fields in order submissions for completeness.

Shipping, Handling & Taxes Functionality

  • Allows customers to choose their shipping method from what you offer them and calculates the cost for that method.
  • Tracks shipping and handling costs with a variety of calculation methods including on-the-fly UPS charges by zone and weight. UPS shipping calculator will also handle orders which must ship in multiple boxes.
  • Calculates sales tax for application to “home state” customer orders. Multiple home states and variable tax rate handled also.
  • Handles “intangible” items such as services so they do not inadvertently incur a shipping charge.
  • Allows a mix of tax exempt and non-tax exempt items, tracking taxes accurately.
  • Allows a mix of shipping exempt and non-shipping exempt items, tracking fees accurately.
  • Programmable threshold below which you can charge a small order fee, reminding customers to increase their order amount.

Marketing & Affiliate Referral Tools

  • Supports Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture), Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter sales tracking.
  • Supports Google Analytics (Urchin).
  • Supports nearly all sales Affiliate Programs, including Commission Junction and Shareasale. This allows advertisers and direct marketers to pay affiliate partners on a per-visitor (click), lead or sale basis. Americart support is provided to facilitate the per-sale basis.
  • Other programs hooked up on request at no additional charge.

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