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App47 Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Contact vendor directly for pricing details.


Product is available as a both an on-premise solution and as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small and midsize companies.

Select Customers

USDA,, Bristol-Myers Squibb, NorgesGruppen,


About App47

App47 App47 is mobile device management and application development software that makes it easy to deploy and manage apps across all the user’s company mobile devices. The bulk of the program revolves around an enterprise-level app store, where users or their workers can purchase apps and customize app settings.

The software provides users with access to an app store that is entirely scalable and supports all types of mobile devices. Other features the platform offers include crash reports, benchmark testing, and performance analytics.

About the Company

App47 is headquartered in Virginia and was founded in 2011.


App47 Key Features

  • On-premise or SaaS mobile device management software solution
  • Users can get apps from an enterprise app store and customize them
  • Stores all the user’s data behind a secure line
  • App store size scales with price
  • Compatible with all types of mobile devices
  • Easily integrates with current app setups
  • Generates crash reports and supports benchmark testing
  • Displays usage and performance analytics in real-time


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