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– CenturyLink AppFog Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Contact vendor directly for pricing information.


Platform is a PaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with mid to large sized companies.

Select Customers

Highjump, Channel IQ, XSP, Obeo, Hitatchi


About AppFog

- CenturyLink AppFog AppFog is cloud-based application development software that provides multi-language support as well as a wide application technology range including PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. The platform supports popular runtimes and frameworks, automates load balancing procedures and facilitates application scaling processes.

The software enables users to migrate applications from third-party providers into the system, is designed to integrate with existing implemented services and provides users with services including databases, messaging services and key-value stores. Additionally, the platform adheres to next-generation application architectures such as 12-Factor Apps, is equipped with built-in key design principles and supports implementation of legacy applications.

About the Company

CenturyLink was founded in 1930 and is headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana.


AppFog Key Features

  • Resilient, multi-region PaaS
  • Cloud Foundry Core compatible
  • Multi-tenant structure
  • Creates unique URL for every application that can be mapped to a custom domain
  • Supports public-facing web-properties
  • No-cost onboarding support
  • Intuitive management capabilities
  • Vendor maintained support knowledge base
  • Multiple supportive products and services available


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