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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at Evergage for E-Commerce Optimization.



– Apptegic Review

Product Snapshot


Pricing packages start at $200 a month.



Customer Focus

Vendor works with small and medium-sized customers.

About Apptegic

- Apptegic Apptegic is web-based sales automation and contact management software that helps you drive up your customer retention rate. Following a simple installation, you can throw scripts on your site and immediately track customer data, monitor which web features are being used, and determine customer trends. From there, you can create customer-specific promotional offers and present them to the customer to reduce churn, view how well-engaged the customer is with a trial or offer, and create custom messages to frequent website visitors. The platform additionally features analytic tools, customer alerts, and Salesforce integration.

About Apptegic
Founded in 2010, Apptegic has been helping companies retain their customer bases. The Apptegic team has fewer than 10 members, and the company raised $2 million in seed money in 2010 from Point Judith Capital and Advanced Technology Ventures. The company is headquartered in Somerville, MA.

Apptegic Key Features

  • Customer success automation system with easy installation
  • Drives up customer retention
  • Tracks the trends and usage of each customer and recommends actions based on this data
  • Creates customer-specific promotions that entice them to use your services
  • Automatically calculates and highlights customers who are ready to upgrade and customers who are at-risk
  • Customer alert system notifies you of at-risk and upsell-ready customer behavior
  • Customer Engagement Score ensures that customers receive the right amount of attention
  • Integrates with Salesforce

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