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Apptivo CRM Review

Product Snapshot


Apptivo CRM, like all Apptivo solutions, functions completely as a cloud-hosted web app.

Customer Focus

Apptivo CRM focuses on small business, mid-size business and enterprise-level clientele.

Select Customers

Big Train, Comprehensive Glass Works, Mint Consulting Group, New Horizon Real Estate Ventures

About Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRMApptivo CRM is a suite of fully featured CRM solutions provided as several downloadable apps. Users are able to track cases and leads, manage contacts and customers, and keep tabs on service orders issued to the organization.

Built-in apps for customer service allow users to centralize all contact and bio information about customers in a single resource accessible to all sales staff. Apptivo CRM also serves as a repository for potential leads. Using the Leads App users can share info on leads and keep a coherent time table for follow-ups and contact attempts. The program can be integrated with the functions of other Apptivo apps specializing in other fields like Project Management, Human Resources, and Marketing.

About Apptivo
Apptivo is a business software developer who strives for app-based solutions with a large amount of selection and modularity. Their website features an entire product line of apps geared towards various different business needs including project management, supply chain, human resources and CRM. Virtually all Apptivo apps feature a free-to-use version coupled with a more fully featured pay edition.

Apptivo CRM Key Features

  • Single resource for customer contacts, interactions, documents
  • Full integration with Cases, Supply Chain, Invoicing, and Projects apps
  • Maintain customer, distributor, partner, supplier contacts in same database
  • Contact information tracking
  • Identify service order tasks and items
  • Schedule workload
  • Lead qualification
  • Conversion of leads to orders
  • Schedule contact and follow-ups with leads and existing customers

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