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Ascentis HR Software Review

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Ascentis works with medium and enterprise companies that need HR solutions.

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BevMo!, Bridgelux, Calibre, Community of Christ, Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Ascentis HR Software

Ascentis HR Software Ascentis HR software is a robust web-based HR tool that can help you keep track of your employees from hire to retirement. Ascentis makes HR tasks simpler by automating a number of them, such as recruiting, handling time sheets, maintaining compliance with federal standards, and managing benefits. Ascentis HR additionally supports over 300 standard reports, as well as ones you can make yourself. Lastly, this software is designed for non-technical users, and HR workers can sort employee data by a number of fields and receive key employee insights using the program’s analytics and data-framing features.

About Ascentis
Ascentis emerged in 2007 after Instapay, a payroll software services company, and HROffice merged. The company prides itself on cheap products and great customer service. Ascentis has a number of business partners, including HRMS Solutions, AXIS Integrated Solutions, Pierson and Smith, and more.

Ascentis HR Software Key Features

  • Designed for non-technical users
  • Completely web-based
  • Generates 300 types of reports, as well as custom ones
  • Saves time by automating a number of HR functions, such as recruiting, open enrollment, and carrier billing
  • Ensures compliance with Department of Labor, federal, and state working standards
  • Compatible with a number of payroll programs

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