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Ascentis Recruiting Software Review

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Ascentis works with medium and enterprise companies that need HR solutions.

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BevMo!, Bridgelux, Calibre, Community of Christ, Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Ascentis Recruiting Software

Ascentis Recruiting Software Ascentis Recruiting software is a web-based employee recruitment solution that aims to increase the size and quality of your applicant pool. This talent management software manages applicant data, such as resumes and references, for each step of the hiring process. The program’s tracking system keeps tabs on candidates’ progress in real-time, making sure that qualified applicants’ data is not shuffled away elsewhere. Lastly, this software hosts career portals that stimulate employees’ career growth and has social media recruitment tools.

About Ascentis
Ascentis emerged in 2007 after Instapay, a payroll software services company, and HROffice merged. The company prides itself on cheap products and great customer service. Ascentis has a number of business partners, including HRMS Solutions, AXIS Integrated Solutions, Pierson and Smith, and more.

Ascentis Recruiting Software Key Features

  • Automates the entire recruitment cycle
  • Manages all sorts of applicant data, such as resumes and referrals
  • Tracks applicants throughout the recruitment process
  • Handles on-boarding forms
  • Social media recruiting tools and career portals
  • No need for advertising or agency fees and reduces hiring cycle time

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