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Atollon Lagoon Core Review

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Product is a cloud-based solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

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Vendor works with companies of all sizes.

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Orkan Plus, Branti & Partners, Pharmonia, WinWork, Your System


About Atollon Lagoon Core

Atollon Lagoon Core Atollon Lagoon Core is professional services management software that enables users to access all company, client and project data from a single, centralized repository. The platform tracks communication threads such as emails, SMS messages, and internal communications, as well as tasks, time sheets, projects, documents, and all other relevant forms of data.

The software is equipped with a shared company calendar that enables employees to book available resources, track client- and project- related events, and automatically translates events and projects into timesheets. Additionally, the platform is designed to integrate with time tracking and reporting tools, stores communication in relation to attached projects, customers or business cases, and is equipped with contact management functionality.

About the Company

Atollon was founded in 2006.


Atollon Lagoon Core Key Features

  • Stores documents in relation to relevant clients or projects
  • Search query and document scanning tools
  • Time and expense management tools based on tasks, calendars, time trackers or ad-hoc
  • Automates sales processes and routine tasks
  • Provides users with a centralized, secure data repository


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