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– Aurea Enterprise Suite Review

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Aurea Enterprise Suite is available as both an SaaS and on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Aurea works with small, medium and large businesses.

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About Aurea Enterprise Suite

- Aurea Enterprise Suite Aurea Enterprise Suite brings together four technologies — Savvion, Sonic, Actional and DataXtend SI — to create an intelligent business process management, application and data integration platform. The solution provides real-time insights on business processes across cloud, mobile and social tools. While Savvion designs and implements business processes, Sonic prevents unwanted application silos barriers. Aurea’s Actional improves business intelligence, generating real-time insight into business transactions while DataXtend SI creates a venue for employees, partners, suppliers and customers to interact efficiently. All these functions in addition to distribution channel management integrate with one another to create a full BPM suite.

About Aurea
Aurea develops business process, application and data management software using real-time insights, cloud technology and social tools. Aurea is headquartered in Austin, TX.

Aurea Aurea Enterprise Suite Key Features

Savvion Business Process Management

  • Model-based with drag-and-drop workflows for instant problem resolution
  • Real-time insight into business operations
  • Automated exception handling

Sonic Enterprise Service Bus

  • Integrates applications and services across the business and to remote sites
  • Deployed on-premise, in public cloud or in private cloud
  • Zero-downtime operations guarantee
  • Automated deployment


  • Auto-log all business transactions without custom coding
  • Operates across distributed, heterogeneous systems
  • Fast root-cause analysis and issue resolution
  • Multi-dimensional runtime business analytics and dynamic controls

DataXtend SI

  • Mobile-based data integration
  • Single data format providing holistic view of all business applications
  • Impact analysis into hidden interdependencies
  • Validations and business rule definitions to improve data quality flowing between applications
  • Access to various heterogeneous data source systems

Distribution Channel Management

  • Get a global view of all insurance agent and producer data to make better decisions and ensure compliance
  • Accelerate producer productivity to boost revenue and retention
  • Scale to millions of transactions per hour to keep up with the speed of business
  • Single, fixed annual fee includes software, services, support and even hardware

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