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– HP Autonomy TeamSite Review

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Paid on-premise pricing starts at £100.


Product is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

HP Autonomy works with mid-sized and enterprise companies.

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HP Autonomy TeamSite

- HP Autonomy TeamSite HP Autonomy TeamSite is a web CMS that can publish, test and manage content across all your channels. From the program’s simple interface, users can set content targets tailored to certain demographics, create content with a WYSIWYG tool, A/B test pages and publish items to e-mail, websites and social media networks. Additionally, the system tracks trends in how viewers react to content and helps you make marketing decisions. Lastly, Autonomy TeamSite primes the site for SEO and provides you with real-time site analytics.

About Autonomy
Autonomy was founded in 1996 and has headquarters in San Francisco and Cambridge. The company works with over 65,000 customers across the globe. Autonomy is owned by HP.

Autonomy TeamSite Key Features

  • Web CMS with a number of marketing automation features
  • Creates content through a WYSIWYG tool
  • Publishes and manages your content across e-mail, social media and website channels
  • Can target content specifically for certain demographics
  • Stores all your media in a centralized database
  • A/B testing tools for your pages
  • Provides SEO for all your pages
  • Brings you real-time data on viewer trends
  • Supports over 120 languages

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