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– Awareness Social Marketing Hub Review

Product Snapshot


Awareness Social Marketing Hub is an SaaS solution with no installation required.

Customer Focus

Awareness focuses on enterprise and multi-national enterprise clients.

Select Customers

Bravo, DOW, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Grow Socially, Fox

About Awareness Social Marketing Hub

- Awareness Social Marketing HubAwareness Social Marketing Hub is a social media tool for centralizing marketing communications activity across multiple profiles on various different social media platforms. The solution provides the ability to post content across any number of platforms with a single click. Additionally, updates and deletions can be made and reflected across all platforms. Data analysis functionality is also included in the Awareness solution. Marketing campaigns can easily be tracked for overall effectiveness, and users can drill down to see the degree to which different pieces of posted content are being reposted, commented on, shared, or otherwise interacted with by customers and influencers.

About Awareness, Inc.
Awareness, Inc. is a software developer working to produce solutions for the social marketing field. Their products aim to address the needs of enterprise-level clientele who want a system for implementing a cogent, measurable marketing plan for their brand or product across multiple social media platforms. The company draws from its collective experience working with several high-profile clients such as Major League Baseball, Sony Pictures and Cox Communications to deliver on their approach.

Awareness Social Marketing Hub Key Features

  • One-click publishing across multiple social media
  • Web-based system for privileged poster permissions
  • Tweak content to ideal format for each social media network
  • Centralized access to all social media channels
  • One-click editing and removal of content
  • Viewable audit trails and publication history
  • Track effectiveness and popularity of published content
  • Trend reporting for spikes and valleys in content activity
  • Track user commentary about content
  • Directly interact with commentators and customers


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