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– Axosoft OnTime Bug Tracker Review

Product Snapshot


Pricing starts at $7 a month for each user.


Axosoft OnTime Bug Tracker is available as a SaaS solution that does not require additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Axosoft works with customers of all sizes.

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About Axosoft OnTime Bug Tracker

- Axosoft OnTime Bug Tracker Axosoft OnTime Bug Tracker is a defect tracking software solution that works throughout the bug reporting lifecycle to rid applications of issues. Whenever a user sees a bug, the user can report it through the program and assign a developer to fix it.

The developers can then see all open bug reports and their progress towards fixing them. As developers start to fix bugs, they can verify the bug, start recoding it and ultimately make the application ready for testing again. Lastly, Axosoft OnTime Bug Tracker can send out email alerts for important updates and estimate the time required to go through bug-related tasks.

About Axosoft
Founded in 2002, Axosoft is headquartered in Arizona. The company provides a variety of different applications in sales support, application development and more. Over 8,500 organizations and teams rely on Axosoft’s products for flexible and customizable software development tracking tools.

Axosoft OnTime Bug Tracker Key Features

  • SaaS defect tracking software solution
  • Users can submit bug reports and assign developers to them
  • Shows all open bugs and their statuses
  • Developers can mark each defect as reported, verified, work-in-progress and ready for testing again
  • Sends out email alerts for updates
  • Estimates the amount of time required to go through an issue
  • Logs all program actions and fixes


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