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BankersLab CreditLab Review

Product Snapshot

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Platform is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor is suitable for large enterprises and those serving a range of job functions, including risk managers, risk analysts, collections managers, collections supervisors and credit managers.

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About CreditLab

BankersLab CreditLab CreditLab is a simulation-based training software designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of retail credit risk management concepts. The platform allows users to cover both secured and unsecured retail products and train participants on all parts of the credit life cycle.

The software provides businesses with tools to learn product design, underwriting, account management, portfolio monitoring, and mitigation and collections strategies. Additionally, the platform allows companies to play a simulation game where players each manage four lending portfolios through testing conditions, such as heavy price competition and an economic recession. Competing against other teams, players are provided with real time feedback, so that they can access their performance.

About the Company

BankersLab was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Mill Valley, California.


CreditLab Key Features

  • Simulation gaming software
  • Training curriculum, case studies and materials, including PowerPoint presentations that are laid out in a discovery-learning mode with discussion prompts and challenges to the participant.
  • Trainer notes which provide answers to questions posed in the presentations
  • Participant Handbook which contains training content, reference information and space to take notes
  • Trainer Handbook that provides guidance on choosing case studies from the course library, ideas about localizing training, and advice for coaching teams using challenging games.
  • The course can be conducted by either BankersLab industry practitioners or your own internal experts
  • To support CreditLab, participants can also download Banc-it mobile learning apps. Banc-it apps are available to buy and play directly through the BankersLab website and app stores. These m-Learning apps provide puzzles, games and job aids to help learners hone their skills – delivering on-demand course preparation and follow up for all BankersLab products.


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